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Interviews with experts on topics that assist newer hunters, stories of our adventures, and lots of gear info.

Summer, 2018

Our “Beyond Hunter Education” seminar at Cabelas was a success!

We had very motivated group of newer hunters attend and I think we’ll see great success from the group this hunting season.

We learned quite a bit about putting on a presentation like this. Like that using a retail venue can limit your time! We apologize to the staff working at Cabelas Calgary that night, for keeping you a bit later than normal. We held a follow up meeting at a local park to make sure that our attendees had time to ask specific questions and go over some thoughts in more detail. An added bonus was we got to “glass up” the local deer population in the the river valley below.

If you’re interested in attending something like this in the future, drop us a line and we’ll keep you informed.

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March 11, 2018

New Hunter Workshop!

Ladies and Gents, over the past six months or so we’ve had a number of podcast listeners reach out to us and ask if we’re planning any kinds of meet ups.
We’ve also had some very inspiring emails come in from people new to hunting who have appreciated our content.
With that in mind, we have decided to gauge interest in a local meet up/workshop here in Calgary.

So far we’re calling it “Beyond Hunter Safety”.
It will be designed to provide newer hunters with practical, usable information on:
scouting strategies,
field skills,
meat care,
and personal safety.
It’s also a great networking opportunity if you’d like to find a hunting partner.
Look forward to more details during the next podcast episode.
If this interests you, message us with the title “Beyond Hunter Safety”

Happy hunting.

January 31, 2018.
HFT logo
Mike and I spoke to Naoto Aoki of the Hunting Film Tour Canada. Naoto is a fly fishing guide, professional photographer, bowhunter, bear guide, as well as a cinematographer.
The idea was to chat about the Hunting Film Tour and just get the word out about the upcoming dates, but the conversation went all over the place. Naoto can speak about so many interesting subjects, that it took us quite a while to get to the HFT. Just don’t ask him about Tenkara fishing!

We talked about some go to dry flies for mountain streams and lakes, the health of the bow river trout fishery, bear hunting in Manitoba, wild turkeys in Ontario, fishing in Iceland, the South Pacific, the Amazon, and Japan. Naoto also gave Mike some pointers on how to become a more effective wildlife/nature photographer, as well as what his typical field camera set up is.

I hope you all enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did making it.

More info on the Hunting Film Tour, dates, can be found here:
HFT 2018

Naoto’s photography page can be found here:
Naoto – Photographer

January 06, 2018.


Last night Mike and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Andre Perrault, the creator of Gunpost.ca.
Gunpost is a FREE site for buying and selling firearms, reloading accessories, hunting gear, archery, and services. Think Kijiji or Craigslist for Firearms and hunting gear.
Andre’s a really interesting guy who has plenty of knowledge on shooting, reloading, traditional archery, and hunting in general.
This episode will be released in a couple of weeks.

Check out Gunpost here….
January 05, 2018.
Yesterday Mike and I had the pleasure of chatting with Honorary Canadian, Randy Newberg.
One of the leaders in hunting conservation and advocacy, as well as the king of the DIY public land hunting experience. Randy’s t.v. show and podcast are great resources for newer hunters looking for practical advise on tactics, gear, and valuable perspectives on all things Western big game hunting.

We covered lots of topics and will be releasing the recording as two episodes.

Link to Randy’s site

The first Randy session will be up next week.
The perils of social media…..

This week the latest social media outrage has been directed at an Alberta hunter/minor celebrity for the pictures and comments of his recent cougar hunt.
Never mind the fact that what he did was legal, to some it wasn’t moral. It reminded me of an article I recently read about having reverence for your quarry:

Click to read article- Moment of reverence……

Social media does a poor job of conveying the full range of emotions that go with a successful hunt. From deep respect, sadness, sometimes regret, to total elation.
Last year,when I got my elk I did what was later described as a touchdown dance! But that was after walking up on the animal that 2 minutes before was a large living animal. It was after walking up and seeing the bull up close and being in total awe of it, amazed to look at a wild animal that grew so big without the hand of man, that lived a wild, free life, and having complete respect for it’s skill at avoiding predators, including man.
After quietly giving thanks to it, the endorphin’s kicked in and I thought of all the hard work, all the discomfort, the energy I’d put into the chase. Then by the time my buddy’s were there to take the picture, I’ve got a big grin on my face…..
That’s what ends up on Facebook. People who don’t hunt, don’t see the whole experience, just your mug with a big grin over a dead animal.

Let’s tell the whole story……..

Check out the Episode and Notes page for extra info and pictures.

Latest episode- Episode 23, The Deer Authority. A chat with Idaho’s Robby Denning.
Click to listen….

Upcoming- Interview with the creator of Alberta based online posting site for firearms and hunting gear for sale:


Upcoming- Mike and John are going to do a side by side comparison of some soft shell hunting clothing.
First round- the popular Kuiu Guide DCS pants and jacket VS newcomer SKRE Gear and their Hardscrabble pants and jacket. We just need to wait for another chinook to blow in some warmer weather. The initial comparison should be done in January 2018.
Second round- another newcomer SixSite and their soft shell Gunnison pants and jacket.
All three brands use the same online sales strategy, which can cause some unique issues for Canadian customers. We’ll factor that into our evaluations.

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