Episode 10, iHunter app. From idea to iTunes. The creator of the popular mapping/gps tool sits down for a chat

Mark Stenroos, a software engineer and bow hunter, took his mapping app from idea to iTunes.  His made-in-Alberta solution has spread across Canada and into several American states, providing accurate land designation, regulations and way point mapping solutions… all for less than the cost of a 6 pack of beer!

Mike and John continue with their rants about Garmin and InReach customer service, and Mark shares some stories about deer hunting in Nova Scotia, explaining why the deer out East have such great vision!  He also shares stories about going on a moose hunt in Finland, and the Finnish concept of hunting teams.

**Giveaway**  to celebrate our 10th episode, be sure to listen to the whole episode to get all the details!!

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Originally released June 29, 2017





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