Episode 23, The Deer Authority. A Chat with Idaho’s Robby Denning

Mike and John have a conversation with a guy who literally wrote the book on hunting mule deer. As well as being an author, Robby is the editor for Rokslide.com a popular gear review/hunting forum. He is also a professional guide for elk and deer. He is eager to share his wealth of knowledge and has some great stories of success and failure along the way. We cover scouting, tactics, firearms, marksmanship, gear, bows, clothing, to name a few.

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http://www.rokslide.com/rokstaff/ This takes you to a short bio on Mr. Denning. Also, the Rokslide site is loaded full of useful info, gear reviews, and a forum.

His book, “Hunting Big Mule Deer, How to Take the Best Buck Of Your Life”
is available to purchase on amazon. Or if you want an autographed copy, you can pick it up from the Rokslide website.

My personal review of the book:
It’s a must read for mule deer hunters of any ability level. I devoured the book this season, and got he best buck of my life! Coincidence?

-John McCann, Highlander Hunting Podcast

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