DIY Coues deer hunting in Arizona, Jay Scott explains how to make it happen



Our most recent conversation was with Jay Scott from Jay Scott Outdoors.
If you aren’t familiar with Jay, he has the most popular outdoors podcast in the world, is a very successful guide for Desert Bighorn, Elk, Coues Deer, and Gould’s Turkey.
He was kind enough to answer our questions about going to Arizona for a Coues Deer hunt.
Jay walked us through details about this curious sub species of the Whitetail, it’s habits, behaviors, habitat, and how to find them.

Click here for Jay’s podcast

March 07, 2018. Update:
We received a text from Jay Scott asking permission for him to release this interview on his podcast. Of course we agreed. Jay’s episode 406 is this interview. We’re very thankful to Jay for giving us this exposure to his audience. He’s a class act.

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