Planning out the early elk season…

It’s been a busy summer so far, and before we know it September will be upon us.

A couple of weeks ago, Mike and I had coffee and got out the calendar to see what our September will look like. Between work and family schedules, if it doesn’t go on the calendar, it won’t happen. So we carved out a few weekends in September to bowhunt elk in the rut.

With elk hunter harvest success rates in Alberta hovering around the 10% mark, and likely less on public land, we’ve got to put in some work to be successful. So we try and give ourselves every advantage, by making sure these boxes get checked:

  1. Scouting– Find the cows. The bulls will too.
  2. Timing–  Maximize your chances by hunting the rut.
  3. Fitness– We hunt steep country and often cover 10-15 KMs per day.
  4. Shooting skills– Dust off the bow and start shooting. Practice with Broadheads.
  5. Set aside blocks of time to hunt- If killing a bull is important to you, make sure it goes on the calendar.

Archery elk is our main goal for September, and I hope we have some good news to share. But of course the elk, the weather, and other hunters can play a role in our success or failure.

The only certainty is we’ll have a great time out enjoying elk country with friends and family. Hopefully you will too. (Just not in our spot!)


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